Goshen Falls Mountain Retreat

Taking time to retreat, from our busy lives, has been a principle that I have followed since I saw Jesus set the example for us. He often withdrew to the mountains to hear the voice of his father. He would then come back and perform miracles. 

At Goshen Branch Mountain Retreat we encourage leaders to withdraw, reflect on where they have been and focus on where they believe your life’s purpose is leading you.

Join us and begin the process of getting clarity on where you see yourself in the future! 


Why Goshen Falls?

Goshen Falls is a refuge and retreat center named after the Branch that runs through the property, creating amazing waterfalls. This property is nestled on 70+ acres in the mountains of Clarkesville, GA backing up to National Forest.
Ironically, Goshen was a place in Egypt where Joseph placed his family for refuge and retreat during the seven years of famine documented in history. Creating a refuge and a place of retreat has been in the heart of the owner for many years. Retreating for reflection has been an important part of his life, and he wanted to create a place for others to enjoy.

Just as a healthy body requires a balance of food, water, sleep and activity, Goshen Falls offers a renewed mind and perspective through a balance of fellowship, nature, worship, and discipleship. 

  • Fellowship includes social connection, sharing meals and laughs, stories and dreams. 
  • Nature allows for engagement of senses, quiet reflection, and learning to be fully present. 
  • Discipleship involves applying principles of Truth learned through consistently studying the Word of God. 
  • Finally, we were made to worship and we will worship something or someoneWorship is essentially responding to His worth, and involves a decision to lay aside anything that would take our attention or devotion off of Jesus. While not limited to music, worship includes "singing psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs" to God and using instruments to "make a joyful noise."

This property is a magnificent display of both nature, and nature's God. There is such a sense of tranquility that cannot be explained but can absolutely be experienced. In this quiet, peaceful atmosphere, conducive for reflection, our hope is that you will leave feeling revived...refreshed...restored...rested.



  • Couples Retreat
  • Ladies Retreat
  • Men's Retreat
  • Team Building/ Staff Retreat
  • Silence & Solitude package
  • Pastoral Care package (Thurs-Sat)
  • Guided Primitive Camping package
  • Worship in the Wilderness package
  • Guided Hunting package (seasonal) 

(Contact for availability)

(Choose Thurs- Sat or Fri- Sun)


Retreat Schedule

  • 4-5 PM Check-in
  • 6 PM Pizza and Salad dinner/Fellowship
  • 7 PM Worship and the Word
  • 9 AM Breakfast
  • 10 AM Worship and Devotion
  • 11 AM "Back to the Basics" Guided Nature Walk
  • 1 PM Lunch
  • 2 PM Discipleship Session
  • 4-5:30 PM Free Time/Visit Falls
  • 6 PM Dinner/Fellowship
  • 7 PM Worship and the Word
  • 8 AM Breakfast/Fellowship
  • 9 AM Worship and Devotion
  • 10 AM Check-Out Time


All 5 meals are included in the retreat cost below and all meals are served at the Perry House.
Minimum group size of 8 to book the retreat; Additional groups may attend up to our guest maximum of 20 per weekend, at owners' discretion.

Retreat Cost:

  • $597 pp/single occupancy (first come first serve)
  • $497 pp/double occupancy (limited availability) 
  • Perry House: 6 rooms, 9 beds (2 Kings, 2 Queens, 4 singles)
  • Mimi's House: 2 rooms, 6 beds (1 King, 4 singles)

*Stairs are required to access all guest bedrooms at the retreat center.

Rooms are priced for double occupancy. Please bring earplugs, sleep masks and any other amenities you deem necessary for a rest-filled night's sleep. (Perry's guests share 4 bathrooms; Mimi's guests share 2 bathrooms)

Please note that we cannot guarantee specific housing requests. We will pray over housing assignments and endeavour to place each person where God leads. We appreciate your flexibility and open heart in this matter.


Jason Barker

"Jim Draper is a rare gem; In a world full of people who talk the talk, he walks the walk. After living out his faith the last 40+ years Jim is a natural leader and coach. I’ve had the honor of being mentored by him for the past 2 1/2 years, and I’ve personally grown in a way I never thought possible.

At Goshen Falls Mountain Retreat, he uses real life experiences and teaches from a viewpoint of ‘been there done that’’.

Jim Draper has the uncanny ability to take highly complicated matters and break them down to make them easy to understand, easy to digest and moreover, easy to apply to your daily life."

Susie Savino

"I’ve had the privilege of watching Jim Draper invite guests into conversation at Goshen Falls Mountain Retreat. In addition to to his warmth and authenticity, he is a natural host and I have personally experienced the hospitality offered to guests and helpers alike. Jim has a manner that bridges across people of all ages and stages of life. He is very welcoming to guests and his life reflects what he teaches. I’m grateful for time to both refresh at the retreat and enjoy the balance of fellowship, worship, teaching, nature, and prayer. I highly recommend Goshen Falls Mountain Retreat and I can not say enough to Jim Draper for his leadership and kindness extended to those who visit."